1. Install and USE a Security Dynamics Alarm System

The best thing that you can do to protect your home is to get an excellent security system from Security Dynamics. However, it doesn’t do its job if you don’t ever arm it! Don’t get so complacent that you forget to arm your system in order for it to do any good. Just having a security system is an effective deterrent, but don’t get so comfortable that you forget to turn on your system. Security systems only work when armed.

2. Install New Locks

It just makes sense to change the locks when you first move into a home. You never know who might have a ‘spare’ key. It is best to have identical locks on all of your exterior doors. This will cut down the chances of the wrong person getting their hands on your house keys. New ‘smart lock’ technology can even let you change your access key(s) without even changing the lock!

3. Ladders & Tools = Unwanted access

Hopefully, you don’t store a ladder next to your house. If you do, keep i mind that the bad guys can simply use your own ladder to gain entry through one of your second story windows. The same goes for tools. Why give the bad guys any more ammunition than they already have? You don’t want them using your own tools in order to break into your home.!

4. Keep Windows and Doors Locked

Whenever you leave your house, make it a habit to lock your doors and windows. Turn on your alarm system and keep on some lights. Try to vary the lights too. Even if you are confident that you live in a safe neighborhood, always lock up. There’s a first time for everything. You don’t want your house to be the first one that is burglarized on your block. If you take all of the common sense precautions that are listed here, the burglar will most likely just move on to the next target and leave your house alone.!

5. Don't lend out your keys

Remember that your keys are your keys. You should never let anyone borrow your house keys. Even if they are someone that you trust. Let’s say you lend your keys to a friend so that she can take care of your cat. She goes home. She has a teenage son. He invites some friends over to swim in the pool. One of his friends is a troublemaker. He steals the keys and makes copies. Now you have a bad guy who has a copy of your house keys! It might be a drastic example – but the point is pretty clear. You might trust the person that you lend your keys to but can you trust the people that they come into contact with? On the subject of keys, you should also avoid leaving your house key under the mat of hidden somewhere obvious on the outside of your home. The bad guys could be watching your home and eventually, they will see where you hide your keys. Then they will have an easy way into your home.!

6. Keep intruders Guessing

Your regular schedule is a burglar’s ally. Try to be a little more unpredictable. If you always leave and come home at the same time, a burglar will know when your house is unoccupied. Try to do whatever you can to keep them off-guard. Use light timers and timed sound devices that can make it seem like someone is home. It might also be a good idea to get a dog. If you can’t get a dog then at least put up signs that indicate that you do have a dog. Don’t forget to arm your security system!!

7. Hide Valuable Possessions

Try to keep your valuables hidden from view, away from your windows. If you recently purchased something of value, such as a 52-inch LED TV, don’t just set the box out at the curb for the trash man. Break the box down, and turn it inside out. You want strangers to think you live a simple, frugal life and that you don’t have a lot of money or valuable items in your home. You should also catalog and take pictures of your valuables so that if you do have a break-in, it will be easier for the detectives to recover your items.!

8. Be Mindful of Strangers at Your Home

If a service person comes to your door, be sure to check their identification. The bad guys will sometimes come to your home dressed as a service person so that they can get their foot in your door. If you see anything or anyone suspicious in your neighborhood or at your front door, call 9-1-1 and report it. It is always better to error on the side of caution. Nobody with integrity will have a problem showing their I.D.!

9. Light up your Property

Burglars tend to avoid lights and noises. Using timers on some of your interior lighting is a good deterrent. However, lighting can be just as important when it comes to the exterior of your home or business. All of your exterior pathways should be well lit and of course, the area around your front door should have more than adequate lighting. Also, take a walk around your property at night to note dark areas – add lighting as needed.!

10. Join or Establish a Neighborhood Watch

Get to know your neighbors. They are an excellent line of defense when it comes to your security – and theirs. You can watch out for each other. By getting to know your neighbors, you will have a better feel for who should, and who should not, be walking around in your neighborhood. You might consider starting a neighborhood watch program if there is not already one in place. Burglars tend to avoid areas where neighbors “Watch out for each other”.!